About PreservaStem

PreservaStem utilizes groundbreaking discoveries by Harvard Scientists and specializes in stem cell banking using patent-protected stem cells harvested from the placenta. These cells enable the body to heal itself through groundbreaking treatments. The PreservaStem infrastructure has:

About PreservaStem - Securing your child's lifetime health.
About PreservaStem - Extensive scientific expertise with placental stem cells

PreservaStem scientists have

over 50 years of combined experience in biotechnology and regenerative medicine and have garnered many accolades and awards for their work including being: 

About Us

We at PreservaStem are committed to equity and inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, and identity with our staff. We are proud to say that PreservaStem staff members are from multiple countries, ethnicities, and race and we speak multiple languages.

Our commitment to inclusion doesn’t stop at our own scientists and staff. We regularly partner and work with scientists from around the globe to further the future of regenerative medicine and expand the technologies available to everyone. 

Our stem cell bank is one step towards ensuring all people have a fair and equal opportunity to achieve their best health. 

We want the future to be brighter for everyone.

About Preservastem - Securing your child's lifetime health.